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Here is the family history ahnentafel. Some may find this format hard to understand so I will explain. 

An ahnentafel is a family tree where people are shown in a numerical list instead of the classic "family tree" style. In our family history my grandfather Beryl Turner is listed as number 1 (his parents are listed as 3 and 4). My grandmother Althene Turner (Phelps) is listed as number 2 since I researched her family as well (her parents are listed as 5 and 6). This process can take some getting used to. However, with a family tree going back 15 generations so far if I made a "traditional" tree it would probably be as big as my house. 

NOTICE: If you see that I do not have your family's information in the family history file please go to the "Help Out" page and fill out the forms. If you have already given me the information thanks so much! I will update it as soon as possible. 

Turner / Phelps History Word Document

Turner / Phelps PDF File